Best 'other succulent' at the Show

A small plant won best cactus but in the succulents this huge Euphorbia horrida (perhaps the heaviest plant in the hall?) was judged the best in the Show.

 We believe we first noted this plant 16 years ago at Oxford when it just fitted on the staging, now it stands on the floor surrounded by its own guard rope.

Euphorbia horrida (Best Succulent at the National)
I have no problem with the Judges' decision, this plant has everything - condition, maturity (-both its great size and evidence of flowering), and presentation, though perhaps the species is one of the easier to grow. However I can't help thinking that in the same space I can grow 40 smaller plants, though none of those would ever aspire to be the Best Succulent at a National! 

You might be wondering how you move this beast? A NN photographer captured the moment (left) as strong lad, Gareth Darbon, pulls it on a special trolley. His Dad, Bill is just pretending to push.