Mammillarias at the Show

In our written reports you will read that some classes were poorly supported. This was definitely not so in the Mammillarias - there were yards and yards of them and some magnificent specimens. Many of them were a yard each! ANY of the plants in the winning entry for class 29 (Three Mammillarias) would have won the one Mammillaria classes at NMK Branch and Zone 6 level in Northant's Country. They would also have filled a car by themselves!

From Ian's picture CD of the Mams at the Show it was difficult to choose a selection of the smaller ones for this page. Judging them must have been a nightmare. The Ed's choice (below) is for those he would most like to own! Now I suppose Ian is going to tell me they are grafted.

Mammillaria compressa

Best Mammillaria in the Show was this huge M. compressa v. longiseta (above) exhibited by Bob Wilson and winning a well deserved RHS Award of Merit. The Ed thought M. bombycina was supposed to win at the National.

Mammillaria theresae

Mammillaria albiflora

Mammillaria goldii

Mammillaria theresae Mammillaria albiflora Mammillaria goldi

Ian has written a special illustrated report on the Mammillarias, Thelocacti and Coryphanthas at the Show. Click The Coryphanthanae to read.